OPS-SAT Experimenter campaign on OSIP

Added by Tom Mladenov over 2 years ago

Dear OPS-SAT Experimenter community,

We are glad to announce that a new campaign [1] dedicated to exploring and supporting new experiment ideas on OPS-SAT was just launched on the OSIP platform!
Experiment proposals can be submitted until May 23rd and selected ideas will receive funding for the development and deployment of the experiment.

OSIP has reversed the classic approach of engaging with ESA. Whereas the Agency typically invites industry and academia to apply to work on specific research or technology developments, OSIP seeks ideas from the wider community and then ESA helps find the most appropriate mechanism to support the implementation of the most novel ideas.

Update: Existing OPS-SAT experimenters are also encouraged to apply. The only logical restriction is that if your experiment was already executed 1 or more times on-board the spacecraft, then the proposal submitted to the OSIP platform should be an evolution.

Kind regards,



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