OPS-SAT is a CubeSat currently being built by the European Space Agency. The mission is to demonstrate the improvements in mission control capabilities that will arise when satellites can fly more powerful on-board computers. As a flying laboratory, it will test and validate new techniques in mission control and on-board systems.

Experimenters will get the possibility to upload their own software and test it with the OPS-SAT payload systems (ADCS, Camera, GPS, FPGA, Optical Receiver...)

Some important upcoming events
  • Launch date: 17th of December 2019
  • Mission lifetime: Nominal one year, with a possible extension to two years

This platform guides experimenters through the software development and testing process, and supports on any upcoming questions or issues. In order to get full access, a registration is required. To become an experimenter, please contact the project manager .
Only after approval of your application you can register on this community platform.

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