1. Contact OPS-SAT Space Lab via to discuss the feasibility of your experiment
  2. If declared feasible:
    Fill out the experimenter form andRegister on the Community Platform (Please only use UNIX-compatible username!) in order to receive access to:
    - the experimenter portal containing detailed technical documentation, available software, example projects, wiki, lessons learnt etc.
    - the experimenter community (synergies between experimenters are encouraged)
    - your own unique directory on the spacecraft for storing software/firmware/results
  3. The experiments are incrementally developed and different versions are submitted for testing via an automatic check and build pipeline
  4. The lab tests the experiments on a series of testbeds, each with an increasing level of sophistication. *A fast feedback loop with the experimenters is started and finishes when it is declared to be flight ready.
  5. The experiment is loaded onto the spacecraft and executed. Another fast feedback loop of in-flight execution and experiment improvements is started. ESA handles the risk allowing the experimenters to concentrate on generating value.

Achievements so far: 236 experiments registered, thousands of experiment executions performed, many publications, successful execution of experiment after just 72h (starting from initial contact)

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