Conference Papers

Title Authors Conference Date
OPS-SAT: A ESA nanosatellite for accelerating innovation in satellite control D.Evans, M. Merri SpaceOps Conference 2014 Aug 2014
Game-changing Radio Communication Architecture for Cube/nano Satellites M.A. Fernandez,
G. Guillois, Y. Richard, J-L. Issler, P. Lafabrie, A. Gaboriaud, D. Evans, R. Walker, O. Koudelka, P. Romano, K.T. Hansen, D. Gerhardt
Small Satellite Conference 2015 Aug 2015
OPS-SAT Experiments’ Software Management with the NanoSat MO Framework C. Coelho, M. Merri, O.Koudelka, M.Sarkarati AIAA SPACE 2016 Sept 2016
OPS-SAT: Designing a Mission from the Ground Upwards D. Evans, J. L. Feiteirinha, J. Nörtemann SpaceOps Conference 2016 May 2016
OPS-SAT: Operational Concept for ESA’S First Mission Dedicated to Operational Technology D. Evans, A. Lange
OPS-SAT: FDIR Design on a Mission that Expects Bugs - and Lots of Them D. Evans, M. Ortega, R. Zeif, T. Sergert
CCSDS Mission Operations directory service: Paving the road for a new World of services C. Coelho, S. Cooper, O. Koudelka, M. Sarkarati, M. Merri 4S Symposium 2016 May 2016
NanoSat MO framework: When OBSW turns into apps C. Coelho, O. Koudelka, M. Merri IEEE Aerospace Conference 2017 Mar 2017
NanoSat MO Framework: Drill down your nanosatellite’s platform using CCSDS Mission Operations services C. Coelho, S. Cooper, M. Merri, M. Sarkarati, O. Koudelka 68th International Astronautical Congress Sep 2017
The ESA OPS-SAT Mission: Don't just say there is a better way, fly it and prove it D. Evans, A. Donati SpaceOps Conference 2018 Jun 2018
The redundancy and fail-safe concept of the OPS-SAT payload processing platform R.Zeif, M. Henkel, A. Hörmer, M. Kubick, M. Wenger, O. Koudelka 69 th International Astronautical Congress Oct 2018
On Board autonomous Operations for OPS-SAT S. Fratini, J. Gorfer, N. Policella, A. Donati 15th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation (ASTRA) 2019 May 2019
ESOC Ground Station Architecture for OPS-SAT A. Løfaldli, H. Ernst, F. Pelorossi, D. Evans, M. Flentge and G. Smolinski 8th International Workshop on Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems for Space Applications (TTC) 2019 Sep 2019
From OPS-SAT to PRETTY Mission: A Second Generation Software Defined Radio Transceiver for Passive Reflectometry R. Zeif, A. Hörmer, M. Kubicka, M. Henkel and O. Koudelka International Conference on Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications (CoBCom) 2020 Jul 2020
An FPGA-Based Hybrid Neural Network Accelerator for Embedded Satellite Image Classification E. Lemaire, M. Moretti, L. Daniel, B. Miramond, P. Millet, F. Feresin, S. Bilavarn 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) Sep 2020
ESA’s OPS-SAT Mission: Powered by GNU Radio T. Mladenov, B. Fischer, D. Evans GNU Radio Conference 2020 (Vol 5 No 1) Sep 2021
Machine Learning in Earth Observation Operations: A review P. Miralles, A. F. Scannapieco, N. Jagadam, P. Baranwal, B. Faldu, R. Abhang, S- Bhatia, S. Bonnart, I. Bhatnagar, B. Batul, P.Prasad, H. Ortega-González, H. Joseph, H. More, S. Morchedi, A. K. Panda, M. Zaccaria Di Fraia, D. Wischert, D. Stepanova 72 nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) Oct 2021
Agile Development and Rapid Prototyping in a Flying Mission with Open Source Software Reuse On-Board the OPS-SAT Spacecraft G. Labrèche, D. Evans, D. Marszk, T. Mladenov, V. Shiradhonker, V. Zelenevskiy AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum Dec 2021
Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Planning and Scheduling of Image Acquisition with the SmartCam App On-Board the OPS-SAT Spacecraft G. Labrèche, D. Evans, D. Marszk, T. Mladenov, V. Shiradhonker, V. Zelenevskiy
TruSat: Building Cyber Trust in Collaborative Spacecraft Networks D. Koisser, D. Fischer, M. Wallum, A. Sadeghi 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AERO) Mar 2022
Refined Astrometry on Board a CubeSat B. Segret, Y. Diaw and V. Lainey
OPS-SAT Spacecraft Autonomy with TensorFlow Lite, Unsupervised Learning, and Online Machine Learning G. Labrèche, D. Evans, D. Marszk, T. Mladenov, V. Shiradhonker, T. Soto, V. Zelenevskiy
ORBiDANSe: Orbital Big Datacube Analytics Service P. Baumann, D. Misev EGU General Assembly May 2022
On-Board images to specify and commission the ADCS B. Segret, S. Bammens, S. Bras, D. Marszk, V. Shiradhonkar, V. Zelenevskiy, D. Evans The 4S Symposium 2020 May 2020
SPLEAT: SPiking Low-power Event-based ArchiTecture for in-orbit processing of satellite imagery N. Abderrahmane, B. Miramond, E. Kervennic, A. Girard 2022 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) Jul 2022
Validated Numerics: Algorithms and Practical Applications in Aerospace Mioara Joldes International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC) 2022 Jul 2022
V'CER: Efficient Certificate Validation in Constrained Networks D. Koisser, P. Jauernig, G. Tsudik, A. Sadeghi USENIX Security 2022 Aug 2022
Machine Learning Image Processing Algorithms Onboard OPS-SAT S. Kacker, A. Meredith, K. Cahoy, G. Labrèche 36th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellite (2022) Aug 2022
MO Services and CFDP in Action on OPS-SAT D. Marszk, D. Evans, T. Mladenov, G. Labrèche, V. Zelenevskiy, V. Shiradhonkar
OPS-SAT LEOP and Commissioning: Running a Nanosatellite Project in a Space Agency Contex D. Evans, G. Labrèche, T. Mladenov, D. Marszk, V.Zelenevskiy, V. Shiradhonkar
Implementing the New CCSDS Housekeeping Data Compression Standard 124.0-B-1 (based on POCKET+) on OPS-SAT D. Evans, G. Labrèche, D. Marszk, S. Bammens, M. Hernández-Cabronero, V. Zelenevskiy, V. Shiradhonkar, M.Starcik
Machine Learning Image Processing Algorithms onboard OPS-SAT S. Kacker, A. Meredith, K. Cahoy, G. Labrèche
On-board Images to Characterize a CubeSat's ADCS B. Segret, S. Bammens, S. Bras, D. Marszk, V. Shiradhonkar, V. Zelenevskiy, D. Evans
ASTERIA In-Orbit Testing on OPSSAT: An On-Board Autonomous Orbit Control Solution Including Collision Risks Avoidance F. Toussaint, J. Thomassin, S. Laurens
Augmenting Digital Signal Processing with Machine Learning techniques using the Software Defined Radio on the OPS-SAT Space Lab T: Mladenov, G: Labèche, T: Syndercombe, D: Evans 73rd International Astronautical Congress Sep 2022
Deployment of a cloud segmentation neural network on embedded hardware targets and benchmark of the different deployment toolchains E. Kervennic, L. Thomas, M. Benguigui, F. Férésin, Y. Bobichon  8th International Workshop OBPDC (On-board Payload Data Compression) 2022 Sep 2022
Image and radio-frequency data compression for OPS-SAT using FAPEC J. Portell, A. Martí, R. Iudica, D.Evans, Vladimir Zelenevskiy
Toward On-Board Detection of Anomalous Events from OPS-SAT-Telemetry Using Deep Learning J. Nalepa, J. Andrzejewski, B. Ruszczak, K. Kotowski, A. Musiał, D.Evans, V. Zelenevskiy, S. Bammens, R.Laurinovics
Open-Source Software in Space Operations G. Labrèche, T. Mladenov Space Education Strategic Applications Conference 2022 Sep 2022
Enabling Autonomy with a Deep Learning Framework for Planetary Exploration A. J. Macdonald, A. Budhkar, B. Bonham-Carter, E. Smal, M. Cross Accelerating Humanity's Off World Future (ASCEND) 2022 Oct 2022
Testing SpaceFibre in Orbit: the OPS-SAT and NORBY Technology Demonstrators M. Farras, S. Parkes, A. Ferrer, A. Gonzalez 9th International SpaceWire and SpaceFibre Conference Oct 2022

Academic Publications

Title Authors Date
A Software Framework for Nanosatellites based on CCSDS Mission Operations Services with Reference Implementation for ESA's OPS-SAT Mission C. Coelho Dissertation Nov 2017
Remote reception of messages from CubeSat OPS-SAT Isaac García Quiroga Bachlor thesis Jan 2021
Simulation of Precise Automatic Radio Frequency GroundStation Tracking For S-Band Satellites A. Wajirakumara Master thesis May 2021
Integration and validation of a nanosatellite flight software Anthony Surivet Master thesis Aug 2021
TGS adaptation OPS-SAT data reception and remote control G.Villalta Quintana Bachlor thesis Sep 2021
Modeling and exploration of neuromorphic architectures for high-performance embedded systems E. Lemaire Dissertation May 2022
On-board processing with AI for more autonomous and capable satellite systems T. Lund Master thesis Sep 2022

Scientific Articles

Title Authors Journal, Volume Date
Nanosatellites—the BRITE and OPS-SAT missions O. Koudelka, M. Unterberger, P. Romano e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Volume 131, Issue 6, pp.178-187) Sep 2014
On-board autonomy operations for OPS-SAT experiment S. Fratini, N. Policella, R. Silva,  J. Guerreiro  Applied Intelligence, (Volume 52, Issue 6, pp. 6970–6987) April 2022
Experimental verification and comparison of fuzzy and PID controllers for attitude control of nanosatellites A. Bello, K.S.Olfe, J. Rodríguez, J.M. Esquerro, V. Lapuerta Advances in Space Research May 2022
Implementation of a GNU Radio-Based Search and Rescue Receiver on ESA's OPS-SAT Space Lab T. Mladenov, D. Evans and V. Zelenevskiy IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine ( Volume: 37, Issue: 5, pp.4-12) May 2022
Development and application of an embedded computer system for CubeSats exemplified by the OPS-SAT space mission R. Zeif, M. Kubicka, A. J. Hörmer e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Volume 139, Issue 1, pp.8-15 ) Feb 2022
Thermal vacuum tests for the ESA’s OPS-SAT mission M. Kubicka, R. Zeif, M. Henkel, A. Johan Hörmer e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Volume 139, Issue 1, pp.16-24) Feb 2022
Ring Road Networks: Access for Anyone M. Feldmann, J.. Fraire; F. Walter; S.C. Burleigh IEEE Communications Magazine ( Volume: 60, Issue: 4, pp. 38-44) April 2022
Space Cubes: Satellite On-Board Processing of Datacube Queries P. Baumann, D. Misev Open Journal of Internet of Things (OJIOT) (Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 44-53) 2022
ASTERIA : Autonomous collision risks management J. Thomassin, S. Laurens, F- Toussaint Acta Astronautica (Volume 200, pp. 599-611) Nov 2022


Title Authors Occasion Date
Mission Concept, Operations & Cubesats" D. Evans SpaceOps Conference 2016 May 2016
OPS-SAT – opening a satellite to the internet D. Marszk, J. Feiteirinha, B. Fischer, D. Taubert, T. Graber, A. Lofaldli, M. Sarkarati, D. Evans, M. Merri SmallSat Symposium
Cubesat Industry Days ESTEC 2017: OPS-SAT Status and Lessons Learnt" D. Evans, Prof. O. Koudelka CubeSat Industry Days 2017 Jun 2017
OPS-SAT the world’s first mission dedicated to operations – ready to fly D. Evans, D.Taubert, B. Fischer, J. Feiterinha, D. Marszk, C. Pullig, A. Lofaldli, V. Shiradhonkar, F. Hessinger 7th European Mission Operations Data System Architecture Workshop (ESAW) May 2019
The OPS-SAT Nanosatellite Mission – Lessons Learnt" O.Koudelka, R.Zeif, M.Kubicka, M.Henkel, A.Hörmer, M.Unterberger, R.Finsterbusch, F.Teschl, D.Evans, D.Taubert, B.Fischer, D. Marszk, J Feiteirinha, C.Pullig, F.Hessinger, A.Lofaldli CubeSat Industry Days 2019 Jun 2019
In space image processing using AI embedded on system on module: example of OPS-SAT cloud segmentation F. Férésin, E. Kervennic , Y. Bobichon, E. Lemaire, N. Abderrahmane, G. Bahl, I. Grenet, M. Moretti, M. Benguigui  On-Board Payload Data Compression (OBPDC) Workshop 2020 Jun 2020
OPS-SAT Space Lab: How the increased and more flexible onboard processing has changed the way we operate our satellite D. Evans On-Board Payload Data Compression (OBPDC) Workshop 2021 Jun 2021
OPS-SAT-2 Optical Space Lab D. Evans CubeSat Industry Days 2021 Jun 2021
OPS-SAT-1 FlatexDEGIRO Experiment D.Evans Nov 2021
OPS-SAT Space Lab: How increased onboard processing power has changed the way we operate our satellite D.Evans Sorbonne University Dec 2021
OPS-SAT Space Lab: How the in-flight implementation of powerful on-board communication protocols completely changed the operations on OPS-SAT-1" D. Evans Space-Terrestrial Internetworking (STINT) Workshop 2022 Oct 2022

Further Experimenter Publications

Title Authors Published in Date
Space Use-Case: Onboard Satellite Image Classification E. Lemaire, P. Millet; B. Miramond, S. Bilavarn, H. Saoud, A. Sashala Naik M. Jahre, D. Göhringer, P. Millet (eds) Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms, pp.199 Dec 2020
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