Decoding OPS-SAT on Windows

Added by Tom Mladenov about 4 years ago

Good news for Windows users! DK3WN has developed a beacon decoder for OPS-SAT that can be used in conjunction with the popular UZ7HO soundmodem.
Demodulated FM audio from any SDR receiver software is piped to UZ7HO and a TCP/IP KISS interface to the DK3WN Beacon decoder allows for the parsing of the OPS-SAT beacon frames.

DK3WN has also experimented with feeding 48kHz sampled FM demodulated audio to the gr-opssat GnuRadio application and presents the results.

More information at:

UZ7HO Soundmodem decoding OPS-SAT:

DK3WN Beacon Decoder:

(images by DK3WN)


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