OPS-SAT Image Gallery, GRCon20 and other news

Added by Tom Mladenov about 3 years ago

Recently we have also been publishing all images taken by OPS-SAT in-orbit on Flickr!
You can find the album at:

In other news, in September we also presented at the GNU Radio GRCon20 online conference.
You can find the paper here:
And the Presentation:

We received a lot of positive and constructive commends and this is also in part thanks to the Radio Amateur community!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Kind regards,
OPS-SAT Flight Control Team

First images from OPS-SAT

Added by Tom Mladenov over 3 years ago

The first images taken by the High-Definition camera on OPS-SAT have officially been published and can be found at:

Still in commissioning, OPS-SAT will soon be crossing into the experimental phase of the mission where innovative hardware and software experiments will be executed.

Decoding OPS-SAT on Windows

Added by Tom Mladenov almost 4 years ago

Good news for Windows users! DK3WN has developed a beacon decoder for OPS-SAT that can be used in conjunction with the popular UZ7HO soundmodem.
Demodulated FM audio from any SDR receiver software is piped to UZ7HO and a TCP/IP KISS interface to the DK3WN Beacon decoder allows for the parsing of the OPS-SAT beacon frames.

DK3WN has also experimented with feeding 48kHz sampled FM demodulated audio to the gr-opssat GnuRadio application and presents the results.

More information at:

UZ7HO Soundmodem decoding OPS-SAT:

DK3WN Beacon Decoder:

(images by DK3WN)

OPS-SAT Status Update 14/01

Added by Tom Mladenov almost 4 years ago

The OPS-SAT Flight Control Team is currently in the process of uploading an update to the on-board software.
This was done in reaction to the discovery of a safety bug in the operation of the S-band transmitter.
The update will ensure safe operations of the transmitter during S-band passes with ESOC.

All power and attitude parameters of the spacecraft are nominal.
No payloads have been turned on yet, once the S-band link is brought into safe service after the update, payload
commissioning will start which is on schedule and planned for late January/early February.

Kind regards,

OPS-SAT Status Update and TLE

Added by Tom Mladenov almost 4 years ago

The ESOC Flight Control Team wants to say a massive thank you to the Radio Amateur community!
The observations sent to us have been extremely useful in the early operations so far.

Due to limited Telemetry, all beacon observations are still more than welcome and are very useful to us.
We will continue to provide updates as operations progress.

Various sources and doppler observations indicate that object with NORAD ID 44878 (2019-092F) is OPS-SAT.
The updated tle can be found at:

OPS-SAT Live Launch Coverage on Tuesday 17/12

Added by Tom Mladenov almost 4 years ago

Finally the launch is close, the Flight Control Team at ESOC is fully ready and we are excited to finally see that OPS-SAT will reach orbit.
There will be live launch coverage on Tuesday 17th of December on ESA WebTV starting at 8:20 UTC ( ).

Full programme details are available at:

The Arianespace launch kit covering all technical details of the launch is available at:

Exciting times lie ahead!


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