Welcome to the OPS-SAT Amateur Radio Information Bulletin!

News will be posted here about amateur-radio activities in the OPS-SAT mission.

OPS-SAT Downlink:
UHF 437.2 MHz
Mode: 9600Bd GMSK
Status: ACTIVE


Track OPS-SAT online:
Beacon decoder repository:
UHF Downlink specs:
Latest SatNOGS observations:
SatNOGS Dashboard:

Media links:

All news for Radio Amateurs is posted in this public section, registration is not necessary and is only meant for ESA approved Experimenters.

1). Data from OPS-SAT that is made available by the FCT via the OPS-SAT Community Platform (Images, datasets, etc) are released under the ESA Standard Licence:
2). Data from OPS-SAT (Images, datasets, etc) that is published by ESA outside of the OPS-SAT Community Platform are released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO Licence.

More information about these 2 licences at:

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