OPS-SAT Image Gallery, GRCon20 and other news

Added by Tom Mladenov over 3 years ago

Recently we have also been publishing all images taken by OPS-SAT in-orbit on Flickr!
You can find the album at:

In other news, in September we also presented at the GNU Radio GRCon20 online conference.
You can find the paper here:
And the Presentation:

We received a lot of positive and constructive commends and this is also in part thanks to the Radio Amateur community!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Kind regards,
OPS-SAT Flight Control Team

opssat_grcon20_esoc_presentation.pdf (2.04 MB) opssat_grcon20_esoc_presentation.pdf Tom Mladenov, 25/11/2020 12:51
opssat_grcon_esoc_paper.pdf (1.25 MB) opssat_grcon_esoc_paper.pdf Tom Mladenov, 25/11/2020 12:51


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