• Amateur Radio Information Bulletin

    Welcome to the OPS-SAT Amateur Radio Information Bulletin!

    News will be posted here about amateur-radio activities in the OPS-SAT mission.

    OPS-SAT Downlink:
    UHF 437.2 MHz
    Mode: 9600Bd GMSK
    Status: ACTIVE


    Track OPS-SAT online:

  • How to become an experimenter
    1. Contact OPS-SAT Space Lab via to discuss the feasibility
    2. If declared feasible:
      OPS-SAT experimenter support registers the experiment and you receive access to:
      - the experimenter portal containing detailed technical documentation, available software, example projects, wiki, lessons learnt etc....
  • Public Information

    OPS-SAT is a CubeSat built by the European Space Agency (ESA) and it is intended to demonstrate the improvements in mission control capabilities that will arise when satellites can fly more powerful on-board computers. It consists of a satellite which contains an experimental computer that is ten times more powerful than any current ESA spacecraft. The OPS-SAT mission has the very clear objective to break the cycle of “has never flown, will never fly” in the area of satellite control. It is going to be the first CubeSat operated directly by ESA. ...

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